Standard delivery date (unless expressly agreed otherwise in the contract):

lights: 4-6 weeks after ordering and paying the deposit (if agreed), interiors: 12 weeks after all the following conditions are accomplished: confirmation of the order, possibility of measurements (if necessary for production) and payment of the deposit (if agreed). The exact term is stated in the contract or will be confirmed upon confirmation of the order. The fulfillment date is always conditional on meeting the requirements for interoperability and building readiness - see or attachment of this offer. In the event of non-compliance with these requirements, EXX is entitled to suspend its performance until the requirements are met.


Standard payment terms (unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the contract):

advance payment: 70% due within 7 days of the order, advanced payment: due before the delivery of the goods or the start of the installation. Payment terms can only be changed by written agreement. In the event of a delay in the payment of a deposit or a partial payment, the due date is shifted by the deadline. In the event of a delay in the payment of any financial commitment, a contractual fine of 0.1% of the contractual price may be charged for each day of delay. In the event of shifting the due date for reasons on the part of the customer, EXX is entitled to invoice the performance and store goods, products or materials that are the subject of this order at the expense of the customer.

Protection of the work done after its completion is not included in the price.

Coordination is not included in the price.

Warranty Period: 24 months from handover, subject to warranty conditions and manuals - see or attachment of this offer. Each complaint must be filed in writing, stating the product code / description, defect description, invoice numbers. The proposal and the deadline for resolving the claim will be sent by the contractor within 15 days of the proper application of the claim. The warranty period does not apply to light sources (except LEDs), batteries, transformers, and electronic lighting equipment.


Other conditions:

The discounts / prices listed in this offer are valid as a whole. In case of interest only for selected items, prices may be adjusted. The quotation is based on the demand and the documents submitted. The Contractor shall not be held liable for any information or facts that have not been expressly communicated to him prior to making the offer. In the event of additional costs due to inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information from the Customer, EXX is entitled to charge such additional costs to the Customer. Price does not include: measurement of light intensity, initial revision and tests. Any costs for site equipment, common building cleaning and construction insurance will be added to the price according to this quotation and can not be counted against the price of performance under this offer. Goods and materials ordered to fulfill the order can not be returned and in the case of cancellation of the order will be charged in full.

These Terms and Conditions may be replaced by a contractual agreement between EXX and the Customer. In such a case, the contractual arrangement takes precedence over these business terms.