Professionality & emotions

We install breathtaking lighting systems.

We work with light better than anyone else in the country. In fact, we've been installing building and interior lighting since 1995. We handle every bulb, every bend in the beam. We don't stop until every last corner is perfectly lit.

We are professionals and we care about every detail, whether we are illuminating a major city landmark in the form of a castle or our client's summer residence.




Design & style

Creating space for life

The uncluttered look. Purposeful design. Honest craftsmanship. The three pillars on which our work stands. In our interiors, we create a space that impresses at first glance but also serves the people who use it perfectly. Whether in a hotel, a shopping mall or the atypical home of a demanding client.

In addition, the spaces gain a genius loci thanks to an inventive lighting system.




Tailor-made projects

What we design, we make.

There are no obstacles when we create a new interior together. We cut the table, we bend the bar around the corner, we make bigger lights. We rely on our own production facilities in Uherský Brod. Experienced craftsmen and technicians work here under one roof and take your project as a personal challenge. So feel free to be creative in your assignment. We are limited only by our imagination.